Managed Care Disputes & Collections

As the cost of delivering health care rises, the collection of medical claims revenue becomes increasingly important to our clients. Billing and collecting health care receivables are very diverse matters requiring different skills and levels and expertise.

While not all accounts receivable require attorney involvement, there are certain advantages that a law firm experienced in managed care disputes brings to the table which make the process more efficient. Our team, experienced medical claims collection uses its pre-litigation analysts to review the denial pattern (which invariably exists); we review the denial pattern against the contract; and send out pre-litigation, demand letter. This process is less expensive for the provider and avoids unnecessary litigation while establishing rapport with payors which our team uses across our client community in the resolution of managed care disputes. Having an experienced attorney on your team can also assure prompt response to Medicare and Medicaid appeals.

Our team of attorneys is particularly situated to render this type of specialized service.  Our attorneys are well-versed in health law and managed care collections. As health law attorneys, we regularly review and negotiate managed care contracts on behalf of large and small providers. We use that knowledge to dispute retroactive audits from both commercial carriers and government payors.

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